Crows, like most other species from the corvid family (ravens, rooks, etc.) ... Advertise ... and respond to people's faces akin to humans themselves ... How do crows have such a fine and efficient human face recognition 
At first glance this might seem a rather straightforward test: get an animal to look in the mirror and see whether it seems to recognise itself, or responds as if it were looking at someone else. However, there are more factors to consider than are at first apparent. For example, whether the animal in question has ever experienced anything akin to mirrors before in its life will greatly impact on how it responds to a mirror. Humans which have been blind and then had sight restored to them, or children that have never encountered a mirror before do not recognise themselves when looking in one, and react as if they were seeing another person. However, before not too long people recognise that it is in fact themselves they are seeing.