Ankita and Rumi are good friends. They want to see a film,but Rumi’s parents dont like their going out without elders . 1. what could be her parent’s fears? 2. what could be done to reason out… - See more at:




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because of today's situation. today there is no security for girls. if one went out means tension will starts on parents and it will carry upto their children come.
this is because of the increase in kidnaps, and the spreading of diseases highly, rash driving  of youth sometimes leads to the deaths of innocent people etc
 to avoid these things 1st we have to bring awareness on people. taking severe actions on the persons who are committed to kidnaps. by punishing the ones who talk abuse words about women and who are committed to do eve teasing and sexual harrassments. 
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1. Her parents might fear that she may get lost or someone may capture because she is a girl. 

2. Rumi and Ankita can see a film in Rumi's house then.