All these freedom fighters and courage people who fought for us land and freedom and thought us to respect this is so hard way found freedom I give my honour and respect to all and every single one of themist a courage to give your life for people  whom you don't even known or will ever meet them but without any selfishness and thinking about your own self need this fighters laid their life with smile on their face ... to give the freedom to us.... not to let us suffer the the suffered that time .... to give us the fresh air of breath every time we take breath and can lead our own life with freedom

so today's topic is my homage to freedom fighters.this topic looks very interesting.i usually start all my essays or speeches with quotes but in this essay i will start with a question.
my first question is :

what is homage?

homage mean to show honour to someone in public.we usually honour those people who inspire us or have done a lot for us.freedom fighters are also the one who deserves homage.

now the question is who are called freedom fighters?

the people who fight for the freedom of our country or defend our country from the enemies are known as freedom fighters.

how everything got stated?

india lost her freedom during the rule of british.these people captured india and treated indians as was our heroes or freedom fighters who refused to live a life of happiness,instead they choosed the life of struggle only to free india from the british rule.we finally got freedom in the year of 1947.

all the credit for this goes to our brave and courageous freedom fighters.we should never forget them and always honour them.