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you have to leave him for a minute and talk to other jovially when he is seeing you. then he get angry on you and immediately talk to you. if you asked about it at that time means he can tell the reason surely. if you didnt got at that time also, simply leave him for a hour and ask then if he retain to his state i.e., when she is in good mood. ask in a polite way. immitate just like him till he laugh or immitate any comedy actor or any of your sirs till he laugh
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done yaar
just cry before him that he didnt talking with u
okk thnks fr dis one
very nice
i can do this
If our friend is upset with us for no reason just ask them what is the matter, if he is not willing to say the answer just leave him alone... and give time for relaxation. If your friend likes anything try to buy the thing for him after all he is your best friend. and still if he is not happy act as if you are hurt and sometimes you can also act that you are hating him and making friendship with someone else.

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i do tht yaar
nthng is going to hppn i hv done this all
OH THEN HOPE FOR LUCK....sorry i cant heph you