so today's topic is my homage to freedom fighters.this topic looks very interesting.i usually start all my essays or speeches with quotes but in this essay i will start with a question.
my first question is :

what is homage?

homage mean to show honour to someone in public.we usually honour those people who inspire us or have done a lot for us.freedom fighters are also the one who deserves homage.

now the question is who are called freedom fighters?

the people who fight for the freedom of our country or defend our country from the enemies are known as freedom fighters.

how everything got stated?

india lost her freedom during the rule of british.these people captured india and treated indians as was our heroes or freedom fighters who refused to live a life of happiness,instead they choosed the life of struggle only to free india from the british rule.we finally got freedom in the year of 1947.

all the credit for this goes to our brave and courageous freedom fighters.we should never forget them and always honour them.

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The incident of Jalian wala Bagh still evokes goose bumps in us. There were several families that were killed during the British rule and Mughal invasion. The fighting spirit and the courage to endure torture is the mighty inner strength of many freedom fighters. Despite opposition, Gandhiji never weaned from his ideology. The trio spirit of Lal-Bal-Pal was a practical approach to thwart the foreign rule. Jhansi ki Rani is another fighter who with her fearless stance fought many battles.Our country achieved freedom because several leaders during the pre-independence era made supreme sacrifices. It is time to pay homage to all those leaders who renounced their lives to turn despondency into a ray of new hope. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Lala Lajpat Rai were two such great sons who tried to reawaken the common people to fight for India�s freedom.