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Anti-Plastic Campaign Campaign Background Info Plastic bags are everywhere! Everyday, we are handed countlessplastic bags: when we go to the grocery store, retail clothing store,book store, restaurants, etc. Yes, sometimes, plastic bags areconvenient, as they are water resistant and light and inexpensivecompared..
Anti plastic Campaign and Environmental Protection Walkathon at Bandipur National Park on 02.03.2014

On 2nd March 2014, antiplastic campaign and Environment protection walkathon was done by the department of water and health around Gopalaswamy hill and Bandipur National Park. During the anti-plastic campaign around 50-60 kg of plastic was collected by the students and faculties and the same was handed over to Bandipur forest Ranger Mr. Sateesh Kumar for safe disposal. Walkthon and awareness program on water conservation and sanitation was performed at Akala village which is located near Bandipura National park and house to house awareness was created among the local peoples through explaining importance of water and sanitation and also distributed around 500 pamphlets regarding environmental protection and water conservation

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