Human beings are the only animals who have the capability to think. they are social animals. they can talk which other animals cannot do. and they are mammals who give birth to young ones and feed them with milk.human beings have invented many things useful for their daily life.they are quite intelligent. they are the best creations among all the creations of god. but they are also becoming selfish now a days. they are destroying mother nature for their needs. they walk on two legs and use their hands for various purposes. they are civilzed and communicate with each other. they can do many other things which other animals cannot do.
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The world is very big.our earth constituents of many things.some of them are water bodies,forests ,desert,animals,plants and of course human beings.human beings are actually animals and can also be called as mammals.

human beings are the only animal that the the power of thinking about right and wrong.human beings are thus a very special kind of animals on this world.without human beings this world would have have destroyed.we are the one who give carbon dioxide to the plants.if we were.

not there then the plants would have died.we are the one who are solely responsible for the development and advancement of this world.thus ,as a whole being a small creature.of this world human beings has a great role on this world.
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