One day Akbar lost his ring. He called Birbal and said," I have lost my ring today in the court. My father gave it to me. It is very special for me. Please help me find it." Birbal said," Do not worry, majesty.The ring is with one of the courtiers present here. The courtier which has the ring has a straw in his beard." When Birbal said this only one of the courtier present there checked whether there is a straw in his beard or not. Birbal said the guards to check him. And Badshah Akbar got his ring.
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 Akbar was very bored one day and asked Birbal to gt him 5 fools. Birbal agreed and set out on his search.He saw a man riding his donkey carrying firewood on his head. Birbal  asked him why he was carrying firewood on his donkey and not placing it on the donkey.The man said his donkey was tired so he and carried the firewood. Birbal laughed and told him to follow him telling that he will give him a reward.So the man followed Birbal. While going on he met another man lying on the street holding his hands up in the air. Birbal asked him why he was doing that.The man told birbal to first get him up to his feet and so birbal pulled the man up.When asked again he told that his wife had sent him to boy a pot of the length he was holding. Birbal laughed again and told him if ho comes with him then he will reward him to buy so many pots and so they set off with the man on his horse.They met another man and found that he wore nice clothes but was searching on the dusty road under a small light unaware of the harm he was causing to his dress. Birbal asked him what he was doing and the man told he was searching for his diamond ring he had lost while he was chatting with his friends sometime ago. Birbal too started searching and asked him where he was sitting and he showed him a tree on other side of the road. Birbal was shocked and asked him why wasn't he searching there.The man scolded told him how was he to search that dark place. Birbal was shocked first but then he told that if he came with him he would him give him money to buy two diamond rings.The man went with Birbal making the third in his horse followed by a man on his donkey.All the 4 went to Akbar s court and Birbal told him everything that happened.The emperor laughed and gave the men money more than what Birbal had told them.When Akbar was about to give money to Birbal he asked him that he had told him to fetch 5 fools. Birbal fell to his feet and told that the third and fourth were himself and Akbar.Akbar for sending on this mission and Birbal for obeying him.Akbar was shocked for a moment but then he laughed and gave Birbal his diamond necklace.hanks for Birbals wit....
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