Alkanes :Hydrocarbons containing only single bond between carbon atom are called alkanes. There are saturated hydro carbons

Alkenes: Hydrocarbons containing at least one double bond between carbon atom is called alkenes. There are unsaturated hydrocarbons

Alkyne: Hydrocarbons containing at least one triple bond between carbon atoms are called alkynes. There are un saturated hydrocarbons

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Alkane is having a single carbon bond,alkene have 2 carbon bond and alkyne having 3 carbon bond.C2H6 is alkane,C2H4 is alkene and C2H2 is alkyne. funny that, alkane is saturated and alkene and alkyne are unsaturated!
in a little more complex way,the saturated hydrocarbons are called alkanes.and the unsaturated hydrocarbons with one or more double bonds are called alkenes.those containing one or more triple bonds are called alkynes.
plus ; All those carbon compounds which contain just carbon and hydrogen are called hydrocarbons. to distinguish-look for bonds
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Thats wrong
what s wrong please explain.
Actually I want not the difference between alkane alkene alkyne
I already know this i want you imagine you have three solutions of alkane alkene alkyne and how you distinguish between them what is alkane alkene and alkyne
alkane is saturated when u burn it u ll get blue flame+not deposits alkene and alkyne are un saturated u ll get sooty flame{yellow}.