the contamination of water resources by man made pollutants like chemical waste from the industries and poisonous solid waste is called water pollution .this is one of major problem faced by the world today.many rivers  and lakes are polluted killing marine life and causing ecological imbalance

contamination of the water resource s in this earth is called water pollution.

# close the tap after use.

# don't let it run along

# it is said that we are not supposed even to wash our clothes in rivers or lakes. they have tiny micro organisms that filter the pollutants when in minor quantity. but when it is major quantities it really a cause for concern

# wastes from home and factories are dumped into water bodies and pollute these sources of water

# wastes from factories that contain pollutants such as cyanide and mercury are dumped into water bodies. this affects the marine organism and make the fish unfit for human consumption

# fertilisers and pesticides get washed off by the rain into water bodies causing further pollution.

 # pollutants such as sewage water and pesticides contain nitrates and phosphates . these nutrients in excess stimulate the growth of aquatic plants and algae. excessive growth of these organisnms uses up oxygen as they decomposes and block light to deeper waters . this proves to be harmful.

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