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My homeage to freedom fighters is “A Free India” first i give Thanks to their sacrifices, today we have an independent nation.we all were quite intelligent and hardworking

And we  could have easily led the life of a king But the
freedom fighters choose the life of danger and struggle .To liberate your motherland from the British government's shackle

freedom fighters relentlessly fought against the world's greatest colonial power .and successfully helped to blossom India's independence flower. India will always remain grateful for you peoples' supreme service

                     You are the Mother India's golden children,
so freedom fighters  are struggled  . finally by their struggle we got independence in the year 1947 so the all credit goes to our honorable and courageous freedom fighters
.so we salute to our freedom fighters.A big Salute to them from my side to be so brave and giving India a beautiful and unforgettable gift.
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so today's topic is my homage to freedom fighters.this topic looks very interesting.i usually start all my essays or speeches with quotes but in this essay i will start with a question.
my first question is :

what is homage?

homage mean to show honour to someone in public.we usually honour those people who inspire us or have done a lot for us.freedom fighters are also the one who deserves homage.

now the question is who are called freedom fighters?

the people who fight for the freedom of our country or defend our country from the enemies are known as freedom fighters.

how everything got stated?

india lost her freedom during the rule of british.these people captured india and treated indians as was our heroes or freedom fighters who refused to live a life of happiness,instead they choosed the life of struggle only to free india from the british rule.we finally got freedom in the year of 1947.

all the credit for this goes to our brave and courageous freedom fighters.we should never forget them and always honour them.

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