The perimeter of a bigger square is 12 m more than the perimeter of a smaller square than the perimeter of a smaller square . three times the area of the
smaller square is 11m square more than the area of the bigger square . find the length of bigger square

plz improve the question ... it is not clear!


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Let the length of side of smaller square be 'y' and the bigger be 'x'. 4x=12+4y, x=3+y, area of bigger square =x^2, area of smaller square=y^2, 3y^2=11+x^2, by substituting, 3y^2=11+(3+y)^2, y^2 -3y-10=0, "y=5" that is, length of the smaller one is5, x=5+3=8. therefore the length of the bigger square is 8.
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