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My lovely family consists of only three members: my mom, my sister and me.We are very happy in our house. My mother and father are very nice. My father is a Doctor. My mother is a teacher. They help us in our studies.

My mother gets up early in the morning. She cooks the food for the whole family, and then she goes to her school. She returns at 3 p.m. everyday.

My sister studies in a school. She is very hardworking and intelligent. She helps me in studies. She always stands first in her class. I study in class third. I love playing various games.

My parents are very kind-hearted. They are always ready to help the needy and poor. They are very religious. Every Sunday, we go for outings. I am proud of having such nice parents and sister. All of them love me very much.

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 I belong to a middle class family. Like most other families in India, ours is a big family. We are two brothers and three sisters. Our house is as Chandni Chawk, Delhi. My grandfather, aged 72, is the head of our family.

My grandfather is a retired Government Officer. He is a pensioner. He feels sad that life has become so expensive these days. He often grumbles over rising prices of thingsMy father is a well-known person of the locality. He is a lawyer, who commands good practice. He performs his duties with honesty. He is generous and liberal. He is almost always busy. He also spends about an hour in our garden. Gardening is his hobby. Sometimes on holidays he takes us to the cinema. He also takes at of interest in our education. I love my father.

My mother takes care of the house. She plans the family budget. She is not very modern. She is a religious lady. She goes to the temple every morning. On sacred days, she takes us all to the temple. She is a vegetarian and observes fast on every Tuesday. My grandfather always praises her. She, on her part, serves him as a daughter.

I am a student of the 9th class. I am good at studies. My father loves me very much. I love my younger brothers and sisters and help them in their studies.

My younger brother, Bablu, is very naughty. He tears pages from my books and spoils my exercise books. All of us love him. It is a pleasure to play with him. My sister, Ruchi, is interested in painting. Ajay is fond of kite-flying. My two sister, Madhu and Rukmini are shy girls.  Madhu is a bookworm. She always stands first in her class. She has won many prizes. We all like one another and live happily together.

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