The largest city in the world is Tokyo(Capital of Japan) which is situated in the South-eastern region of Honshu Island. Tokyo , Japan (37,126,000) at-best estimates in 2012 census become latest city in the world by metro population. Here are some images and map of Tokyo.
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Manila became the fifth largest urban area in the world, displacing Shanghai, while Mexico City moved up to 9th, displacing Sao Paulo (Figure 2). Often seen as the epitome of urban density, the urban area of New York continues to cover, by far, the most land area of any city in the world.
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the largest city in the world is is located in is actually the capital of japan.there are47 prefectures in japan and tokyo is one of them.earlier tokyo was known as got its name as tokyo in 1868.there are many outlaying islands in tokyo.some of them are ogasawara islands , izu islands and many lies in the humid subtropical climate national park in tokyo is fuji hakone izu.the largest metropolitan economy in the world is possessed by of some universities in tokyo are:university of tokyo , tokyo gakugei university and many more.wrestling is very famous in tokyo .tokyo is also known for its fashion of is considered as the largest city as it has a population of about 13.35 million.
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