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I read this story a year ago,its actually quite a funny story which u should read!
actually it tells us about a ghost who lives in a haunted house. when new people moved in this ghost tried to frighten them away mostly making a joke on himself.the most attractive part is the blood stains.the family rubs away the blood stain but it appears back the next day which gives out mystery but at last the ghost confesses that he had been painting it back at night to recreate the last the ghost understood that he could not frighten the family away and one night he takes away the youngest member a girl whom he was fond of to a place and explains that his condition is worse because of he want her to weep for him as he have no tears,he want her to pray for him as he have no faith and he want her to beg to the angel of death for mercy upon him and the girl did those.he took her cauz she was different from others-she listened to him,valued him. at the end he brings her back and gives her a box of precious jewels and goes to heaven flying
its a scary story-not actually.but the actions of the ghost on the family at the beginning gives it a horrer approach even though its filled with jokes.
stories with surprise endings are demanded most cauz a story is the creator's biggest weapon to express himself and thats what i believe!
this is the 11 std english literature in our school! i borrowed it from my friend's bro to read! i prefer this book to all-its super!