Student: good morning madam
Teacher: Good morning
Teacher: Is anybody absent today
Student: yes mam Reena is absent
Teacher: do you know the reason why she is absent
Student; yes mam she has got stomach pain
Teacher: did she ate any food from the street venturous 
Student: yes mam she ate food from the street venturous
Teacher: Oh ! now i understand the reason for her stomach pain
buying and eating sweets from the street venturous is not at all safe. it will not be covered and their will be flies over it. It will cause several diseases So child don't buy and eat sweets from the street venturous.
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(the clock in the hall points at 10 o clock. balloons and other fancy items are hanged on the wall giving a party atmosphere. a young girl is sitting on a sofa,sadly.suddenly the calling bell rang,she gets up and opens the door)
varun:happy birthday aliyaaa...
aliya:varun?no i wont talk to you!
varun:hey whats the matter girll...
aliya:you r late,do u know for 3 hours i was waiting for u.u didnt even bothered to call me.i thought u wont come...i thought u dont love me...
varun:oh dear aliya,u r my soul...dont say anything like me..
aliya:did i hurt you...
varun:hmm..u did..
aliya;ohh then take this
(she took a piece of birthday cake and pasted it on his face and laughed
varun took an other piece and pasted on her face and stood there laughing)
aliya:why were you late?
varun:(paused) how old are you?
aliya:21 you know...enough to marry u(she laughed)
he looked into her eyes and stood their like that for minutes...
varun(seriously):i gotta go!
aliya:why too fast?u just arrived!
varun:its serious aliya...i gotta go...i always love u dear
(varun flashed out of the room.aliya sat on the sofa thinking suddenly her cellphone rang)
aliya:hellow fana whats up?
fana:(breaking down)alyi..alyi...varun
aliya:whats with varun?
fana:alyi..he met with an accident 3 hours ago.a motor accident..he was coming to your birthday party....a truck ....hes gone alyi....hes dead..!!!
alyia:but...varun?? he loved me by heart..fana he came here to see me 5 minutes tell that he love me(breaking down)
  its true love that matters...souls say goodbye to their beloved ones...and we treasure their memories!
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