A.All of us have dozens of empty, useless plastic bottles lying at home. Though most of us have the time and the will to put them to some good use, most of us lack the creativity required to do so.

as always, the temptation to include a few crafts ideas for kids was too great for me to resist because it is always nice to keep the little devils occupied doing something constructive.

Ask your little one to take two empty soda bottles of the same size and color and cut them at nearly the same distance from the base using a paper knife.

Then, get a zip fastener of the same length as the circumference of the bottle where you had cut it a. Use hot glue to stick both the sides of the bottle to it one after the other, making sure to allow each side to dry completely. You can even try sewing the zip to the bottle by making tiny holes in the bottle though I found it much easier and neater to use glue.

Now, paint eyes on the container or use the wiggly eyes you can easily get in the market. And you have the cutest looking monster container for kids.

I am sure your little one will enjoy making this craft out of recycled plastic bottles

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