Even though the constitution stresses on equality of both sexes, yet gender inequality is rife in our society. since no material value is attached to the work done by a woman, her toil goes unrecognized. For centuries,the women have held a subservient position in society,while men have enjoyed all privileges and power 
and decision making. To overcome this discrimination, a change in the existing customs and traditions is required.In reality,gender equality is also a means to achieve rapid economic development.
Equality is a democratic ideal and in this age of democracy, it is the sine qua non of a democratic govt. The history of mankind is the history of equality and liberty. Throughout the nook and corner of the world the march of equality is received with cheers. Equality literally means a levelling process whereby the difference between the rich and the poor can be minimised. Equality is of different types. From the beginning of human civilization and the quest for knowledge, the political philosophers have tried to analyse this concept. Legal Equality or Civil Equality -It means that all are equal in the eyes of law and there is rule of law. It also means equal opportunity must be provided by law to all without any discrimination. All persons must be subjected to same civil law and without this democracy will be a theo­retical absurdity.Secondly, Social Equality :It means that all citizens in a society must be treated at par with each other and there will be no discriminatory treatment on the ground of race, sex, religion, education, caste etc. The Preamble of our Constitution aims at social equality and the directive principles of state policy further strengthens our cherished ambition. Thirdly,Political Equality-it is the nerve-centre of a demo­cratic polity. Democracy emerged and thrives on this principle. It means that all the people must be provided with equal right in the field of vot­ing, contesting and holding public offices. The highest office of the land is within the reach of a common man in the street