Scary story -
once upon a time in mumbai their are three house joining together no people live on that house their is one family who come to live in that house in the family their are four members mother, father, sister,and brother. they live on that house for few days but they don't like that home when they are packing their material . then suddenly 2 children heard a noise coming from window then they called their parents .
parents come and see their are 2 dead bodies when they are going  to call  police
suddenly they heard a scared voice and they get scared police does not answer the mobile . near their house they saw one "baba  was prayering and they tell those family that in this house u have the danger of ghost their is only one way to kill these ghost u have to go to hanuman park and prey "hanuman chaalisaa"then the family go and prey "hanumaan chaalisaa" and they free from ghost
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I was going for a walk through the deserted road in the late evening.the place smelled wet and moist,i really don't like that smell you know! it smelt like coffin. i realized i was going through a different path only when i myself got a feeling of haunted.
i looked back surprised, but i saw no one-I'm sure that i heard heart began to thunder....a chill entering straight through my feet,like a snake...i began to worry...not for me but for the tasty samosas my mom prepared for me...what happens if i don't return home...who'll find my blood sucken dead body...who'll pray for my soul....will i go to heaven...the way began to get darkened and i cant find my way back home either!
thats when i saw a light in the dark...a light of was an old man who walks supporting his old lean stick.i think he saw me,he stopped at my side and offered to help.i was happy...but a little scared cauz my dad said me not to walk with strangers.....he got a twinkle in his eyes..and through the dark the silent hours....he told me a lot of jokes,..laughing with me...and i loved that old man
as i reached in front of my house i turned around to thank him.but i saw no one...he wasn't there...anywhere he disappeared into thin air within 5 minutes...
it was only a day after my search i stuided that the old man who helped me was found dead in the same forest a year before. he was going in search for his youngest grandson who went missing in the forest a few days before and it was known that he carried a candle with him!!!