So,todays topic is my patriotic feelings for my nation.i am hearing this topic for the first time.because of this ,i have found this topic to be a little weard.but still i will try my best to write this essay or can also be called a speech. 
I usually start all my esays with quotes but in this case i will start with se very common and simple questions.this will make you all understand this essay in a better way. 
So my first and foremost questison is : 
What does the word patriotic mean? 
A person who is patrotic is a person who strongly supports their country and is always ready to defend.very less people have this type of feelings.but still there are such people who has such feelings. 
Now i will talk about my feelings actually my pariotic feelings for my nation. 
 The first thing that i will mention is that my father is an army officer .he has devoted all his life in protecting our nation.he had strong patriotic feelings towards oir nation.i got these feelings from him only.i dont know what happens to me whenever i find my nation in problem.

my heart says not to step back or not be lazy but always stand up and walk forward to help and support my nation.i is my dream to become an army officer just like my father.i want to be so as when i grow up i want to help,defend and support my nation. This was all about my patriotic feelings for my nation.

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patriotic feelings really means feeling something for your nation...the last sentence make me laugh! patriotic feelings are the power of a nation to unite its citizens. its a strong belief...a restless chill in the heart...listen to saare gaham se accha..or vande madharam.if u r an Indian you'll surely get a chill in Ur heart and that's what i call patriotism...its not just being an army man but a good citizen also can be taken as an example for patriotism!
it must be your feelings for your country but what i have writen is my feelings for my country.i want to be patriotic by doing these things and i think that i can help my nation by being an army.i dont think that there is any wrong in it.this is also called patriotism.
i didn't say anythings wrong with being an army man i just expressed my view friend-well i feel quite patriotism being a good citizen just like you being an army man! take it in that sense!
actually my dad is a good citizen so like u i follow my dads footsteps!!
thats all right dear.