Two circles of radii 5 cm and 3 cm intersect at two points and the distance between their centres is 4 cm. Find the length of the common chord.I want the accurate ans with step by step solution.plsss.....

Hey then those are concentric circles... you must mention that thing!
it is not concentric,it meets at 2 points
i a m sorry let me give u the ans
i think,its in 10.4 (ncert),if no,i don't know
yep,but make it fast,plss


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I am sorry for the wrong and i gave.... this is a simple question with a trick!

we can find the area of triangle abe by herons formula. We know that \angle ACB = 90 degree. so in triangle abc area can be found by 1/2 bh. we know the base and the area so we can get the height! so we will obtain AC similarly we will get CD and then add them!

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