When we put water on fire, it evaporates very fast! and that evaporation stops the fire. say we put water at 10 degree C on fire and it takes 3 sec to evaporate so the fire will be cooled in 3 seconds or so. but when we put water at 50 degree C it will evaporate in 1.5 sec or so as IT IS MORE HOTTER and the fire will get blown out in 2 seconds aprox. So hot water is more effective!
why water at 50 deg celcius takes less time than water at 10 deg celcius to put off fire?
ok... you know water boils at 100 degree celcius. I give you 2 bowls . in 1 there is water at 1 degree celcius and in the other there is water at 99 degree celcius ... you put em on fire... which will boil first?? u know vv well ! same is the case here
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Hot water temperature is high comparatively to the cold water so when hot water is used to put of the fire the hot water heats up fast and evaporates that puts off the fire .but in case of the cold water the time taken is high hot water puts off the fire fast than  cold water
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