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(interview with Danusha,reporter and Arav. flood victum)
danusha:arav,as you know that u r one of the surviving victim of the kurnool disaster,let me ask u a few questions based on that incident!
danusha:when did this incident actually began?please explain how?
arav:by morning 6.30 i can say,i was sleeping and heard people shouting..i went outside to know the reason when some of them said that the river Vedavathi was over flowing once again.actually we were surprised u know what will we do where will we go!
danusha:did the water came in fastly arav?
arav:yes danusha the water was haunting us like stray dogs! we used to fish there and we also used to greet it but now it acted like we r strangers to it!
the water took everything away with it. i drowned in the water i couldn't swim cause the water exerted a lot of pressure. many houses were taken away...think about children...babies...all gone...the small village gets wept away...
Danusha: arav....this sudden disaster affected every one equally right?
arav: no danusha..the rich ones have TVs at home they were warned and took emergency shelter.for poor fishermen like us there's only one TV in the entire colony.the big electricity break down....prevented us from knowing anything more other than that not to go fishing the next day.even the authorities doesn't even bothered to inform us...or the great dead and missing results will not be there....
Danusha:what about ur hospital facilities and shelter?any enquires on the missing?
arav:the hospital camp cannot accommodate more than 100 people and the serious patients are moved to the nearby high school spcialised doctors or nurses present or not required first aids or medicines...its worse..
3 women and1child who were missing were found and more than 90 are declared dead...still more to find...more than 86 are missing..excluding small children.the water is strong so it takes time for search!
Danusha:my god...
arav: even my sister's 6 days year old baby is found missing...danusha...everyone lost their beloveds..the river took it!!
danusha: the authorities even r not taking any care of this helpless people..what will they do...not even a minimum facility is provided to these poor...lets pray to god...lets join our hands to help these people..if the govts cannot,but we could!


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