What is science?? is everything around us from a smartphone to a big airplane .....electronic gadgets like phones,,tablets,,etc etc....these electronic gadgets are very useful in our day to day life...many people especially youngsters face difficulties  without these gadgets ..our life becomes very difficult without the modern gadgets .......our work becomes very easy with the help of smartphones etc..the work that took many days in ancient times,, is done in just a few these gadgets are very helpful for humans
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The Convertible Headphone Speakers will be headphones that sport a simple twist in order to transform it into stereo speakers. The headphones’ earcups will be able to rotate 180°, where it automatically turns on the built-in, battery powered amplifier in order to have it generate crisp sound through 1.5″ neodymium speakers. When it is in speaker mode, the unit would be able to produce up to 98 decibels of sound, which is a whole lot of volume when it comes to music playback that will be able to cater for an entire room of music enthusiasts. Whenever the earcups are rotated back to headphone position, the amplifier will turn itself off. These headphones make use of proprietary technology so that one can enjoy a crisp, clear high-definition listening experience.