I am week in math.The subject maths is boring for me but i want to become an software engineer what should I do?

u should practice it..........to the best of your level,then it will be easy
but it's not interesting for me and I want to become a software engineer also so what i do
don 't think math as burden try to create interest towards it and u can succeed in it practice it daily
Join I.T. DEPARTMENT ul have maths only for 4 semester.


You should practice maths alot so it becomes easy for u and once u can solve problems easily, you'll find it interesting. That is the only way.
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I know it makes u hard b'coz u don't take interest for that subject as u have a mind set that it is very boring once take interest and for it u need to practice a lot in it and think only of becoming a software engineer u will get interest into it and u will not be able to realize it even.
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