Hello friends I am Shivam and I am here to present my views on the topic" My home age to freedom fighters”

Now the questions rises in our mind what is this homage and why there is a need to give homage to freedom fighters and who are they?

I will tell you all the answers to the questions.

The correct meaning of homage is giving honour, deep respect which is expressed publicly. This respect is given to Freedom fighters (they are the peoples that engaged in a resistance movement which is against them, their country) who give their life for the country. They understand the meaning of patriotism. They want India an independent country, a peaceful country and fight for it and give their life for country.

There is a need to give homage to freedom fighters because when India lost its freedom and become just slaves of Britishers in 1857 these freedom fighter came and tried many wars for independence like first war of independence which is started in May 1857 to December 1858, the Rowlett act, Civil disobedience etc and finally gives independence to India on 15th August, 1947 from British rule.


India got freedom only because of patriotisms of these freedom fighters. Only because of their braveness and courage India got independence. So there is a need to give homage to social workers or freedom fighters.

So the topic for today is my homage to freedom fighters.i think that this topic is very interesting.i usually start all my essays and speeches with quotes but in this case i will start with some very simple and common first and forwmost question would be:what does the word homage mean?the word homage actually means dense and deep honour and respect for someone in second question would be:what does the.word freedom mean?the word freedom actually means the state of being allowed to do what we want to last question would be:who are known as freedom fighters?the people who fight for their country or defend their country from enemies are known as freedom homage to freedom fighters:some of our freedom fighters are mahatma gandhi,subhas chandra bose and many more.they were the ones who chosed a lide full of struggle and difficulties to free our india from the hands of british.there is no favourite freedom fighter of mine as all the them deserves the equal is.repunlic day and like every year this year also i am going to make a beautiful chart on the topic of freedom fighters just to show my homage to oir nation's freedom fighters.i will never forget them and will always honour and respect them.