Acacias,palms,euphorbias,cacti are plants and rats, fox,camels  are animal which are found in thorny bushes
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The  Thorn  forests  and  scrubs  are  found  in  the  north  western  part  of  the  country  adding  up  semi  arid  areas  of Rajasthan,Gujarat,Madhya  Pradesh,Chattisgarh,Uttar Pradesh  and  Haryana.

The  trees  are  scattered  and  have  long  roots  penetrating  deep  into  the  soil  in  order  to  get  moisture.
The  stems  are  succulent  to  conserve  water.
Leaves  are  mostly  small  and  thick  to  minimize  evaporation.

Flora-Acacias,palms,cacti  and  euphorbias  are  the   main  plants  of  these  forests.
Fauna-Rats,mice,rabbits,fox,wolf,lions,tiger,lion,horses  and  camels are  the  common  animals  found  here.
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