''THE TALE OF MELON CITY'' is written by '' VIKRAM SETH'' and it is about the satire about a king. His ministers and the kingdom.

once the king, odered his ministers that to build in arch over the main street to impress victors & tourists. that arch was constructed. when the king was returning from boulevard, the arch knocked down his crown. the king was furious  and immediately odered that the workers should be present here.

when the builders were taken to the gollows, he shouted at the workmen were at fault. the king stopped his proceedings. and his men hang the workmen..the workmen shouted at the masons in the turn blank in the architect, and the architect said that the king was making stupid constructions. the king is trapped in the very risky situation; he therefore calls his wisest man for advice. the wise man says the culprit was the arch knocked down the king's crown so it should be punished. the king then looked for a man he was tall enough and he is fit also. none the king was fit and ultimately he was hanged. the ministers then announced anybody who passes the city gate would choose next ruler. an idiot was asked and he said a melon. consequently,a melon was crowned and the people of the kingdom did not worry about who or what their king was. they only wanted to do what their heart desires.