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The attitude of people towards edu cation for woman isThis attitude directly and indirectly has a negative effect on girls’ participation in education in general and SMT in particular in a number of ways.
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Women is who shed their blood to give birth to their child... who spares everything for her family.... who never show's the pain inside her to the world.... but doing this all she never gets respect from her family.... People thought that women are only for doing household work and to serve their husband for their whole life. They thought that educating women is something like committing a sin....But this situation was there till 19th century..... Women's education from 21st century have changed a lot as compared to the past... their attitude became quite positive as compared with the past century......  this happened all because of great reformers like Raja Ram Moham Roy, Swamy Vivekananda and many more....Even though many people agreed to give education to girls but still in some part of country people are still not ready to give education to women.. their attitude regarding this is quite negative...... They must realize that if a women is educated and enlightened she will take her family forward economically, socially and of-course morally..... So remember that empowering women is the best way to empower our nation... therefore never have negative attitude towards educating women....
thanq but is it EMPOWER or IMPOWER ?
i am sorry... i hav made a mistake ... itSEMPOWER
i am sorry... i hav made a mistake ... its EMPOWER