Uses of science-
-science has played many role in human life as wel as in environmnt also, it has provided us with luxurious life like
* invention of t.v to watch and to enjoy
* most imp invention of light to ease our day to day activities 
* we can use computers like m using to answer ur qtn
* refrigerator provide us chilled water in summer
* mobile phones an imp communicatng system in our life
* inventn of rockets 
* important of science in medicines.

Abuse of science-
along with the use of science there are some  abuses of science
* like in medicines science are bieng abuse by the actn of abortion or sonography for identificatn of sex whether male or female.
*making of bombs 
*invention of dreaded weapons .
* nuclear plants which when damage cause death
* pollution is also one of cause of misuse of science.

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Uses are
it gives us kownledge about nature,world,atmosphere etc.
and with the use of science we invent new things.