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Speaking english is really very easy. All u need to do is to speak it no matter how u speak. It will be good if you watch english seminars and english movies with english subtitles. Find someone to practice speaking with and in case if u don't find anyone u may stand in front of mirror and talk to yourself (I never did it but have heard that it works). Read english books and newspaper but this doesn't helps as much as speaking does. So, the best way to speak in english is to speak english. Remember how you learned your mother tongue!!! 
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theek hai aapko english bolna sikhne ke liye english bolne ki practice karni hogi, tabhi aapki english achi ho sakti hai, aap english books aur newspaper padhiye aur bol bol ke padhiye
are you say
I'm just saying that you need to practice speaking english

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first of all first try to speak english on you only. when you get confidence then start to speak it out. main thing is first talk to your friends in english then you get confidence on you. then start to participate in the seminars held in the class. such that you will become a good speaker in english.
* when you are going to seminar, first prepare by standing in front of mirror by seeing yourself such that you can loss your fear.
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u r welcome dear
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