Developement. It takes time but it is not that hard. Only..Only if we stopped throwing garbage and being a litterbug. I saw an advertizement in te newspapers..about bieng litterbugs and spitting, throwing and doing unnesessory things which makes the task of developement not that easy.

India is a god gifted county.. very colorful and full of light. I love my country when it is clean and tidy. But when i see drunk people walking around, people urinating in public, and also spiting on the street I feel ashamed. Why.. i tell you why, Because people are comming from far and wide to view this beautiful and colorful place, but they find out that they should have never come here because of the horible roads and the garbage thrown all around.

if we maintain a clean and green India we will apreseate it and so will others.We will all loveĀ India for its beauty and evergreen freedom(and developement).

Thank you.SWATCH BHARAT(maintain our India)
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so the topic actually is my role in developing the villages and rural areas.i will just write my role in the form of a short paragraph.

so my first step would have been to get myself educated.this step is very important as until and unless i am educated how can i develop others.

my second step would be to make them agree to help me in fulfilling my aims.
after i get their support i will talk to them about their requirements and try to understand their feelings .

then i will do some things on my own decisions for them.the things that i would do will be:
establish clean toilets.
:build schools.:
provide clean water.
:provide advanced farming tools.

this would be my own contribution and the others would be my as well as the villagers contributions.

i hope that in this way i would be able to contribute in the development of villages and rural areas.