Iam single in my house always very naughty doing more naughties. if i ask one thing it should be there i think but after seeing the orphanage i changed that altitude. i will feel sad for that persons. from that time i dint neglete any person. i pray for that like persons. even after that i made a friend with a specially challenged this place i have to tell one thing if you see this passage then please be friendly with orphanage peoples  and i please you to pray for orphanage persons to get well and see their parents
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As i am the single child of my parents i get all the love and care from them this is the advantage which i enjoy a lot. i didn't visit any orphanage but have seen a child without his parent. I imagined how could one live without their parents...was that one feeling touched my heart and felt so lucky to have such a wonderful life..... that brave child i want to solute bcoz still not havng parents doesn't make him loosen his strength instead he has bcome an ideal at least for me to how live in such a struggling situation. I would be very happy if get a chance to help him in his educational side bcoz that's the most important factor which could change one's life.    
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