The Khilafat Movement was organized by the Ali brothers- Mohammed Ali and Shaukat Ali in protest against the injustices done to Turkey after the First World War. Turkey was important to the Indian Muslims as the Sultan of Turkey was also the ‘Caliph’ (or Khalifa) and was the head of the Muslims throughout the world. The Khilafat leaders put pressure upon the British government to give better treatment to Turkey. Through this demand, Muslims were drawn into the national movement in large numbers. The movement become a part of the national movement. The Congress leaders joined in the agitation and helped in organizing it throughout the country.

Khilafat movement was as same as non-cooperation movement against britishers by muslims in india.The word "khilafat" itself means not to follow. .It was a pan-Islamic, political protest campaign launched by Muslims in British India to influence the British government and to protect the Ottoman Empire during the aftermath of World War I. It won the support ofMahatma Gandhi and the predominantly Hindu Congress movement because of its anti-British overtones. In India, although mainly a Muslim religious movement, the movement became a part of the wider Indian independence movement. The movement was a topic in Conference of London (February 1920); however, Arabs saw it as threat of continuation of Turkish dominance of Arab lands.