2015-01-27T16:19:57+05:30 get more electricity(if possible through renewable energy)
2. small check dams or tanks should be built to irrigate the lands
3. more days of work and better wages to local people for their livelihood
4. with the support of government a government school should built which provide a quality education.
4. hospitals which have all facilities for treatment
5. good water facilities and drinage systems

6.establish clean toilets.
build schools.:
8.provide clean water.
9.provide advanced farming tools.
10. Raise Manufacturing Employment
1.Goverment must be proper awarness Not govrment u should gave proper awarnes regardng the development about the development.
2. You  should use your resource properly.
3.Give more importance to tourism.
4.Provide good water facility.
5.Provide shelter to everyone.
6.Impliment education.
7.Build more hospitals.
8.Give more
 importance to basic infra structure.
9.Reduce loan intererst.
10.Every one should be self sustained.