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It was a curse it created the sense of inferiority in the minds of the people . it destroyed the pride of our culture and urged us to get fascinated towards western culture . making us charmed by their culture ad customs they wanted to extend their rule over our country forcefully . they wanted include their rules and regulation in our lives .   they wanted to take away our priced possessions . they refused pay duties but they demand high taxes from the countryman they tried to break our unity . they rule led to the economic ruin of the country .they used our country man to defy us . infact they were poison who ran through the country..
More than half a century has passed since British rule ended in India but the language of those rulers has a much firmer hold on Indian society today than at the time they departed. This may not be a cause for concern. After all, English is the language in which most advances in the fields of science, technology, business, entertainment, etc. are expressed. It is the language of the most powerful and most developed nation on the earth.