So today’s topic is my patriotic feelings for my nation. I am hearing this topic for the first time. because of this, I have found this topic to be a little weard.but still i will try my best to write this essay or can also be called a speech. 
I usually start all my essays with quotes but in this case i will start with se very common and simple questions.this will make you all understand this essay in a better way. 
So my first and foremost questison is : 
What does the word patriotic mean? 
A person who is patrotic is a person who strongly supports their country and is always ready to defend.very less people have this type of feelings.but still there are such people who has such feelings. 
Now i will talk about my feelings actually my pariotic feelings for my nation. 
 The first thing that i will mention is that my father is an army officer .he has devoted all his life in protecting our nation.he had strong patriotic feelings towards our nation.i got these feelings from him only.i dont know what happens to me whenever i find my nation in problem.

my heart says not to step back or not be lazy but always stand up and walk forward to help and support my nation.i is my dream to become an army officer just like my father.i want to be so as when i grow up i want to help, defend and support my nation. This was all about my patriotic feelings for my nation.

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We the people of  india  are well known about the great sacrifices for the freedom of our nation.It is not forgetable that our great freedom fighters sacrifisesed  their lives without any greed . so the best way to remember them is to remember their sacrifices and the feeling will come in your mind that is called patriotic feeling.
all the sacrifises for us for our future by freedom fighters . we must remember their sacrifises in our patriotic feelings.
  in many colleges schooling institutes etc the lessons for great souls for our  nation its the greatest deeds and doers of the earth for our nation. as the topic given that about patriotic feelings it must to know about the freedom fighters and about their lives their expriences and their love toward our natin weather it is on the way to violence or to non-violence.after this the natural feeling will come in every once mind about the greatness of this country and all will proud to be an indian and will salute our nation and its freedom fighters .the patriotic feeling is also there in the men of milliatry.the deeds for nation i not only done by going in defence academy it can be done in different other ways like the personalities like milka singh marry kom sachine tendulkar etc so remember the conterbution and contribute to the natin as good as possible.and then a feeling like heaven will come in your life that is the patriotic feeling.