Neuron:- it is one of the basic functional units of the nerves system.a cell sepecilized to transmit electrical, nerves impulses and so carry information from one part of the body to another. each neuron has an enlarge portion, the cell body, containing the nucleus, from the body extend several process (dendrites) through pluses enters from their branches. a longer process the nerve fiber extends outward and carry impulses away from the cell body. this is normally unbranched except at the nerve ending. the point of contact of one neuron with another is known as synapse.
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Neuron is the basic fundamental and structural unit or cell of our main organ of the body brain.This are some facts about neuron:-
-Neurons are specific, unique kinds of cells in our bodies that carry information through electrical and chemical signals. Neurons are a core component of our nervous system, which includes both the brain and the spinal cord.
-Neurons are discrete, autonomous cells that interact but are not physically connected.
-They send electrical signals that have a chemical basis.They communicate with one another by using chemical signals.
-Rate of neuron growth during development of a fetus (in the womb) is about 250,000 neurons/minute
-Diameter of a neuron is 4 to 100 microns.4. 
-Longest axon of a neuron is around 15 feet (Giraffe primary afferent axon from toe to neck).