The scientific name for opossum is Didelphimorphia.The word opossum is derived from the Powhatan language in the form aposoum, which meaning "white dog" or "white beast/animal".

I know... that is only two sentences.

6 Opossum Sentence Examples are here for you Puneethmagadi :-
1. If it isn't the skunks and opossum killing the chickens, it's the weeds taking over the garden.
2. Teeth of Upper Jaw of Opossum (Didelphys marsupialis), all of which are unchanged, except the third premolar, the place of which is occupied in the young animal by a molariform tooth, represented in the figure below the line of the other teeth.
3. With the exception of the water-opossum, forming the genus Chironectes, all the living members of the family may be included in the genus Didelphys.
4. The opossum of America is the only species out of Australasia which is thus provided.
5. Among the mammals are the opossum, raccoon, star-nosed mole (Condylura cristata), grey fox and fox squirrel.
6. The opossum (Didelphis) is represented by three or four species, two of which are so small that they are generally called wood rats.