Conservation possiblites is so bad in such towns and villages because corperation 
is not taking incharge ,most of the dogs are infected this may cause many type of 
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One of the best ways to show conservation in your village town is possible through the effort to reduse the use of water. rain water harvesting is an intelligent way to do so.mainly handpumps and ground water pipes are used to draw water from the underground leading in the declain of underground water amount.this conservation method will prevent that! in rural areas farmers are prone to take up shift and burn cultivation which on a large scale damage the new eco-friendly farming methods should be introduced.another main possiblity is linked to the conservation of natural resources like fossil fuels, sunlight, water, air, land, electricity etc..and prevent minning and quarying if theres any! and oh,,wildlife conservation.the vast biodiversity present in rural region-its greenary,has to be remained for the future regenerations too.the wild species are not to be extinct.awarness should be made+ organisation of eco clubs+active participation,are the simplest way.
think..its environment that we entirely depend on,,conservation is what we actually need to do now..its our last survive!
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