Plants supply food to all the animals i would appreciate the plant role is this way -ghousi
1. the leaf is the important site of photosynthesis .
2. this plant organ is treated as the wonderful natural machine which convert solar energy into useful chemical energy.
3. with all his scientific knowledge technical skills, man has not produce anything like plant for utilization of solar energy.
4. this plants provides food and support the life by providing for all the organisms including man on the planet.
5. nature has given us such a wonderful gift free. PLANTS!!!
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Plant prepare food by photosynthesis
plants are eaten by all herbivores and herbivores are eaten up by carnivore this thus creates a food chain which helps in supplying food to all the animals.
for eg-plant is eaten by goat goat is eaten by lion therefore supplying food to all the animals....................hope u like this answer
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