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1. The peacock Pavo cristatus (Linnaeus) is the national bird of India and is symbolic of different qualities like beauty,grace and pride.
2. It is colourful with a fan shaped crest of feathers,a white patch under the eye and a long slender neck.
3. The males are more colourful than the females but they do not sound as beautiful as they look as they have a sharp call.
4. The males have a glistning blue breast and expands its bronze green feathers like a fan.
5. They are found in the Indian subcontinent from the south and east of the river Indus, Jammu and Kashmir and East Assam etc.
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The national bird shows our variety Of our country. The peacock's different colours unite in one thing. Like the diversities in our country. The diversities unite In India. The worlds best country. JAI HIND SINCERELY, AKA LIGHTNING 11