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It is based on equality which is a basic principle of democracy. It demands that the right to
vote should be equally available among all. To deny any class of persons from exercising
this right is to violate their right to equality. In fact, the spirit of democracy can be maintained
only if the people are given the right to vote without any discrimination. The exercise of
right to vote adds to the individual's self-respect, dignity, sense of responsibility, and political
and civic education. In other words, the system of adult franchise is the bedrock of a
democratic system. People are called political sovereign because they possess the right to
vote a government into power, or to vote a government out of power. That is why democracy
has sometimes been described as a mode of appointing, controlling and dismissing governments
by the people.

As provided for, in the Constitution of the land, the citizens cast their votes at regular
intervals to elect their representatives to the Parliament, to the Legislative Assemblies, and
such other institutions as are essential organs of political power in a democracy. These
institutions are called representative institutions precisely because they represent the will 

Historically, adult franchise has been slow in making itself a universal law. In fact one of
the major demands in the long-drawn struggle for democracy in the world has been the
acceptance of the principle of universal adult franchise, as the basis of ascertaining the
wishes of peop
Democracy is not possible without UAF bcuz it is the matter of equality and justice,it is the important right a citizen to have