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Light plays a major role in photosynthesis.
♦ The light energy is trapped by the chlorophyll of the upper layers of the mesophyll, especially the palisade cells. This energy is utilized in chemical processes involved in the manufacture of food, where the raw materials used are carbon dioxide and water.
♦ In the light-dependent phase of Photosynthesis, a series of chemical reactions occur in very quick succession, initiated by light.
(Light reaction takes place in thylakoids of chloroplasts.)
♦ Light helps in the activation of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll on exposure to light energy, becomes activated by absorbing photons.
♦ In the presence of light, the splitting of water takes place. The absorbed energy is used in splitting the water molecule into its two components(hydrogen and oxygen) and releasing electrons{Photolysis ⇒ splitting by light}.
♦ On exposure to light, the stomata open to allow the diffusion of gases.

Hence, light plays a key role in photosynthesis.

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Light helps in the absorption of chlorophyll in the plants.....hope this answer is correct.