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Diameter of each pillar = 2m
radius = diameter ÷ 2 = 2 ÷ 2 = 1m
height = 2cm = 0.02m

Volume\ of\ each\ pillar= \pi r^2h= \pi *1^2*0.02=\boxed{0.0628\ m^3}
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the options are given for this question are a)22 cubic meter b)3168 cubic meter c)152 cubic m d) 154 cubic m.
It's may be possible that the options are wrong
please tell me the answer tomorrow is my psa exam.
is the height 2cm?
have you written the question correctly?

Diameter of each pillar =2m = 200 cm

Radius, r of each pillar = 100 cm

Height, h = 2 cm

Hence, Volume occupied by each pillar = πr^2h = 3.14*(100)^2*2  = 62800 cm^3

this is even wong according to the psa sample paper options
answer should be come in cubic meter.