We often tend to neglect elderly citizens in our daily busy schedule coz we think they are boring and sticky.This is the age when an old person needs extra attention as a blooming bud.They want someone besides them to listen to their good old a house of 4 members the home maker i mean the wife is busy going out for work,the man itself has duties so goes out for work and son,and a big old grandfather in this house evryone is busy in their own work and no one is there for old grandfather hence he feels neglected and lonely.We can try to take out some time from our busy schedule give space to them
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Please make 3 questions with answer on the topic of AN IDEAL TEACHER....
Answer these question
Q1 Why do u like ur schoo?
Q2 Do u like watching TV? why?
Q3 Do u like ur city?
Q4 Where do u like to spend ur summer vacations?
please answer all four questions its urgent..........................