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Hi . this is ..............from i am going to say a few words about my school
i love my school because it learned me so many things . i have many friends in this school. if i have any doubt regarding any thing , hen my teachers would solve with smile. they are like my friends . if they scold or beat that is for our sake only.  we have to under stand them. i learned many things in my school. iam proud to be the student of ................
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My school is KENDRIYA VIDYALA KELTRON NAGAR & it is the best because of so many reason r there .
1st standerd to 12th standerd classes are there.
Nice loving teachers to teach us.
our annual day was a graded one .
Comfort seating 
There are 4 fans & 6 tube lights in each class room 
Neat & clean also 
Filtered water for drinking etc etc  
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