death and destruction
the consequences of world war 2 were terrible. it resulted in about 22-2 million military casualties and the deaths of approx. 40-52 million civilians, including 6 million jews who were killed by hitler. people had suffered from leukamia and cancer for decades.
After the second world war,great loss of life and property occured during the six years of war around six and a half crore of soldiers were killed at battlefield the economy of all the nations was damaged due to the great loss of life and health due to inflation price rise,shortage,wide spread diseases,drought,black marketing and other adversities harassed the people due to the cruelness of hitler people view about god,religion and women changed entirely the issued of widows and orphans increased there was a kind of moral degradation of man the use of atoms bombs caused an unforeseen human destruction there began a spate of violence and atrocities over the world