Did you mean *violence?
Well, this is interesting. 
- What do you understand by 'democracy'? Everyone says it's about people's rule. But does that really happen? Are the world's democracies really democratic? No, of course, not. Look at China, Pakistan, Brazil or for that matter India.  China just has one party, the people only have one option, that is NOT make it democratic. Same way with Brazil. India is another interesting case, we have hereditary politics, without meaning to, I am supposing. 
To come back to topic, the world is in fact ruled by violence whether we tend to accept it or not. Look at United States Of America always trying to assert its authority everywhere just cause its a super power. Fighting with Iran to establish democracy there. Is this really the way it should be? To forcefully make the people accept it?

Hmm How about improving english first?? :)