cleanliness is the basic needs in our country. Our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi has take steps on this problem. This problem make our country's laugh on us.It may impact by many ways as the people not get sick in our country which may led our country to be the no1 ILL COUNTRY it may also decrease the development that is being done step by step.

Cleanliness is very important in life because it is associated with progress.If cleanliness and healthy living is practised, the surroundings and environment will become clean, pollution will decrease and health of people will improve. With good health, people will have to spend less for treatment of diseases and focus more on their works and earn more money for their living. This could make their living conditions better and provide more opportunities to educate their kids. Since kids are the future of the country, development will naturally happen, with educated citizens in the country.

if our society is neat and clean then definitley many of the big life taking diseases will be easily removed to quite a big extent and thus human labour can also be increased in such a way and also it will lead to a better development of nation altogether

Cleanliness can be called as a step towards health. If there is garbage all over, it will attract pests, mosquitoes, insects and other germ-carriers. These all spread harmful diseases. Garbage also creates foul smell. So if cleanliness is taken care of, our country will become healthier.
Cleanliness will also help our country's tourism to replenish. Tourists love all the places and beauty of India but hate the dirtiness. So tourism will be more if our country will be cleaner.